Phil Hobby; BMus (Hons), dip PT, IIHHST, CiRF

I am a a naturally enthusiastic and energetic person with a passion for all things active. My happy disposition and inability to say no, has led to many a weird and amazing adventures. I continue to meet many awe-inspiring people along my journey and will always encourage others to live life to the full.

I am a Coach with 20+ years experience in the health & fitness industry, a self confessed fitness geek and a lover of the great outdoors. I have a passion for all things active and encourage others that fitness should be a way of life. I am passionate about helping others to improve their health and well-being, and will always look to inspire others to follow their dreams, big or small. Adventure happens in the great outdoors and I like nothing more than educating, inspiring and motivating others to explore the possibilities and enjoy their journey. Life is short, so live it.

Being active is part of my lifestyle and there is always scope to fit in some sort of adventure along the way. Running in some form has always been part of my life, but cycling, SUPing, snowboarding, scooting, kayaking and all manner of active "stuff" will never be far from the agenda, but it is off-road trail running that really leads me to my happy place. I make no claims to be very good at trail running, but my enthusiasm for running as many miles as I can in the great outdoors knows no limits. For me there is nothing better than running in the mountains, experiencing the seasons and soaking up the awesome beauty of nature. Human powered adventure fuels my passion for movement and the possibilities are endless.